15 Famous Celebrities Who Were Secretly Entrepreneurs

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A lot of women have dreamed of becoming a superstar. But then, do you know that some famous celebrities aren’t just known for being a star, but also for their entrepreneurship abilities? To inspire the women out there a bit, here are 15 ladies who are accurately changing the game and bringing their eminence to rule the business world.

1. Beyoncé – House of Deréon

It seems that her 20 Grammys weren’t enough since it seems that the megastar wanted to add the position “entrepreneur” to her CV. It was in 2006 when she paired with her mom to put up the House of Deréon, a ready-to-wear clothing line. It features a tagline, Couture.Kick.Soul, which represents three generations of Knowles women, whose characters and styles are mirrored in the clothing line.


2. Venus Williams – EleVen

Venus has been known for her record-breaking tennis skills, but only a few know that the tennis player has a degree in fashion and design. It was her adoration for art and watercolor that motivated her to put up the distinctive sports clothing line EleVen.


3. Jessica Alba – Honest Company

Model and actress Jessica Alba didn’t actually discover her purpose up until she became a mom. She desired nothing more than to offer her children the best but discovered that it’s not always as easy as it looks. With that realization, Alba founded the Honest Company, which an all-natural product line that’s selling peace of mind to the parents. The company has made 120 baby products that have earned over a billion dollars ever since it was founded in 2012.


4. Sofía Vergara – Latin World Entertainment

Sofia Vergara, a Colombian-American TV superstar doesn’t just have a pretty face, but also some entrepreneurial skills. It was in 1994 when Vergara co-founded Latin World Entertainment, which is now measured to be one of the leading Latin talent management companies in the world. Most of the firm’s accomplishment can be credited to Vergara’s instrumental marketing tactics.


5. Victoria Beckham – Victoria Beckham

The previous Spice Girl member started her career as an entrepreneur when she opened her fashion boutique in London way back in 2009. In just a span of five years, the small business earned Beckham a massive $30 million. With the business success, Beckham has been given the award of being a top entrepreneur in 2014.

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6. Jessica Simpson – Jessica Simpson Collection

Simpson is a pop-star-turned-fashion-designer that has earned over $1 billion with her own department store retail collection. Being able to launch more than 30 products, Simpson believed that her business is the core of who she is.


7. Kathy Ireland – Kathy Ireland Worldwide

Kathy Ireland’s modeling career wasn’t rewarding enough for her and that’s the reason behind why she experimented with the film industry for a little but was rapidly dissatisfied. In the year 1993, she invests $50,000 in stocks that helped her in launching her business. The Kathy Ireland Worldwide, a design and marketing firm, earns over $1 billion yearly.

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8. Jennifer Aniston – Living Proof

It was in 2012 when Aniston became the co-owner of Living Proof, which was a hair care establishment that prides itself on battling frizz with science. The actress conveys a new marketing and design tactics to the firm, augmenting its success and facilitating it to gross $30 million in investments in the year 2013.


9. Gwen Stefani – L.A.M.B

The singer who became a designer launched L.A.M.B, which is an acronym for Love Angel Music Baby, in the year 2004. The label has experienced 300 percent progression in sales in just two years. Stefani’s distinctive and innovative sense of style motivated such a prosperous clothing line that it has even acquired outstanding reviews coming from the likes of Anna Wintour.

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10. Oprah Winfrey – Oprah Winfrey Network

Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire actress, director, producer, and TV personality. After her long period of influence as a world-renowned talk show host, Oprah released OWN in the year 2011. In just the span of four years, the TV network was able to reach 70.3 percent of all American homes with TV.


11. Angelina Jolie – Robert Procop

It was in 2011 when the actress and humanitarian combined forces with well-known jewelry designer Robert Procop to produce the Style of Jolie Collection. Obviously, all profits go to children living in counties affected by wars and natural calamities.

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12. Stacy London – Style for Hire

After the culmination of What Not to Wear, the TLC’s gutsy fashion Guru Stacy London continuously inspires women with her styling advice. She put up the Style for Hire, which is an online start-up firm, to assist all the women to get a hold on their individual style while saving both money and of course time.

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13. Tyra Banks – Bankable Productions

Tyra Banks brought her fame as a supermodel to put up her own production enterprise, Bankable Productions. Her firm has produced both America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Show. It was in 2011 when the model-turned-entrepreneur saw her first novel, Modelland, top The New York Times Best Seller. She also released the beauty and fashion website and in 2014, she launched her personal cosmetics line named TYRA Beauty.


14. Nicole Richie – House of Harlow 1960

Nicole Richie surprised the world the moment she went from being Paris Hilton’s assistant in the Simple Life to a prosperous entrepreneur after opening the House of Harlow 1960. Richie’s work on the jewelry line was named after her daughter and has made her receive the title of being the best female entrepreneur at the 2010 Glamour Women of the Year Awards.


15. Lauren Conrad – LC Lauren Conrad

The Hills and Laguna Beach star has evolved into a smart and cultured fashion expert. Her website and her fashion line LC Lauren Conrad were able to help her create a sturdy footing in the realm of design and fashion.


These celebrity entrepreneurs are really inspiring and moving. To the women out there, it is hoped that their success with their business has also motivated you to your business endeavor. Best of luck!

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