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In today’s world having antivirus protection is a no-brainer. Even Mac users are realizing they’re just as susceptible to viruses as their PC counterpart. Knowing you need an antivirus is one thing, choosing the right one is a different story given how many options there are on today’s market. Consumers can be confused while reading all the bells and whistles all these antiviruses have to offer but in the end still stuck wondering which one ACTUALLY just works. After all, it’s not like shopping for a car where you will be using the features every time you get into your car. An antivirus should do one thing and one thing only – protect your computer and do it without compromising performance. We’ve compiled a list of Antivirus software that does just that.

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019

This year Bitdefender is releasing it’s 2019 version named the 2019 Antivirus Plus. Bitdefender has been a household name for antivirus software for years and expected to make the list. It features multi-layer ransomware protection, protection for multiple devices including mobile phones, and constantly crank out updates to ensure you’re always protected.

One downside with Bitdefender is that it tends to hog resources. Although not as bad as many others, you might not get the best performance with Bitdefender unless your system has enough CPU and RAM space to simultaneously run the antivirus and other programs.


2. ESET NOD32 Antivirus

While being on the most expensive side of things and not offering as much features as it’s competitors, it is questionable why Eset Nod32 is even on this list. That’s because Eset Nod32 excels in simply protecting your system while freeing up resources. It doesn’t hog up as much resources as most of it’s competitor, leaving you a lag-free browsing or gaming experience while having it run in the background.

It features real-time protection while you’re browsing, anti-ransomware protection, and even protects infection from spreading to USB and other connected devices such as blue-tooth enabled devices. One downside to using Eset Nod32 is the poor user interface. It does come with numerous options and configurations, however it’s not user friendly and doesn’t do a good job guiding you.

That aside, it’s a great antivirus that works out of the box and doesn’t strain your system.

3. Norton AntiVirus Basic

Norton has been a household name from the very beginning. Although originally notorious for it’s ability to eat up majority of your system resources and makes your computer perform worse than the virus infecting it, Norton has evolved throughout the years.

Today, it’s one of the best valued antivirus available given everything it has to offer. It’s highly configurable for those looking for customization. One neat feature Norton offer is the ability to recognize malicious downloads and protect you from infected links.

All in all, Norton offers great protection, customization, features, low system requirements, and still maintain a low price for what it has to offer.


4. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus

Webroot established it’s name as possibly one of the lightest if not THE lightest antivirus protection. The entire installation program takes up about 2MB of your hard drive and installing it takes only mere seconds compared to some of it’s competitors with packaged files up to 250MB and taking up to 30 minutes to install.

And the small footprint comes at absolutely no compromise to features and performance, because Webroot also delivers in those aspects as well. Featuring real-time browser protection, antiphishing, anti-ransomware, and smart-behavior monitoring, Webroot stands tall as a protector of your machine.

It’s a lean, mean, antivirus killing machine that’s meant to be out of your way, be invisible, and protect you while you surf or game.

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