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Best iOS/Android Mail Apps That’s Not Annoying To Use

Nowadays you can’t escape emails. And having the right email app on your phone will be the difference of being effective at using emails or letting your inbox get overrun with 20K unopened emails. But choosing the right email apps can be cumbersome because it’s not like choosing a regular app. You don’t just simply install the app and then “test it out”. No, not so simple. Most users nowadays have multiple email accounts that they use, multiple signatures, multiple inboxes, and various organizational and coloring methods to keep their all their emails organized and tidy. And the more bells and whistles it comes with, the more caught up you tend to be when using it. In order to properly test if an email app is right for you, you first have to download it, link up all your emails, and actually give it a go for a few days. It’s not a fun process and can be draining. Not to mention you risk an email app not working the way you expected, and causing you to missed important emails. But fear no more, we see your struggle and have decided to go ahead and test a load of iOS/Android apps for you and narrow down to the few best choices on the market. Here’s our list.

1. Airmail (for iOS and Mac OS)

Airmail has been around for quite some time. It’s humble beginning didn’t feature all the bells and whistles you’d find on it’s app today. It had a simple philosophy, to make emails easy and manageable for you and because of it’s simple and user-friendly interface, the app grew into one of the most versatile and powerful email apps available in the iTunes app store today.

In addition to all the basic features you’d expect from a mail app, you can customize the swipe gestures, customize your alerts, and even create templates for responses you use most frequently. It also syncs well with most popular 3rd party apps, allowing even more flexibility.


2. Gmail Mobile (Android, iOS)

Gmail is renown for webmail services that a lot of people use nowadays. Gmail is known to be light, nimble, fast, and overall uncluttered. And the same principles were used in developing the Gmail Mobile app that’s available for iOS and Android.

The app comes with all the basic features you’d expect, however if most of your emails are running on GMail, then using the Gmail mobile app will allow you to easily sort, search, and filter through even the most dense inboxes. It’s a great feature that’s useful especially if you have a lot of email accounts.

3. Mail by Apple (iOS, macOS)

This is the app that started it all. Apple’s very own mail app is free and comes standard with majority of apple laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones. But don’t let the fact that it’s a pre-packaged app fool you, it’s a powerful email client that’s been tried and true to many and it’s constantly being updated by Apple. If anyone knows how to make a good app, it would be Apple. The app comes with all the basic features you’d expect and more. And has the ability to sync multiple accounts across different providers.

Overall, it’s a robust email app that’s reliable, tested, and highly functional. You also never have to worry about the developer ditching the app and leaving you high and dry.

4. Polymail (iOS, macOS, web)

Another great addition to the list is Polymail. Besides being a great all round mail app, Polymail is a great choice for teams, especially sales teams. The app can connect directly to Salesforce to draw up information about a prospect, client, or customer in order for you to better write the email. The app also comes with a load of analytic features for team managers to track everyone’s efficiencies and how much time they’re spending in their inboxes.

Polymail also has a very useful feature that sales teams love, and that’s the feature that alerts you whenever your prospect opens the email you sent to them. You can also see who downloaded your attachments. These are great features for sales team to coordinate better email efforts to convert sales. And the ability to connect with Salesforce makes it a top contender for marketing teams looking for a more collaborative email app.

5. Spark (iOS, macOS)

Last but not least on our list is Spark. Spark is a simple and robust mail app that’s available on the iOS and Mac OS. The mail app gives you the ability to quickly reply using an emoji, thumbs up/down, along with a host of other responses.

One very neat feature that we love about Spark is how it handle Calendar invites. For professionals who constantly schedule meetings and coffees, whenever you receive a Calendar Invite, Spark displays all the pertinent information without you having to follow a link to the calendar page. In addition, you can also accept or reject the invite directly from the app. This saves a lot of time and frustration when trying to coordinate meetings.

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