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Best Meal Prep Services For Entrepreneurs (Tested)

Not everyone has the time or energy to cook every single day. And that’s why there’s been an explosion of meal prep/meal-kit services. These subscription base services basically promises to deliver either fully prepped meals or all the materials you need to cook your own meals, directly to your door. This saves you from the hassle of shopping, finding the right ingredients for your recipes, or cooking altogether. It’s all the convenience you expect nowadays, healthiness, and affordability all combined into one subscription plan. What else could you ask for? We’ve gathered a list of all the best ones to choose from to save you from any guess work.

1. Blue Apron

Blue Apron is considered the pioneer in the entire meal-kid delivery industry. They were one of the first and paved the way for others to follow. There’s a good selection to choose from and most of their meals are easily prepared and have a typical cook time between 30 – 45 mins. Their chefs collaborate with local farmers to gather the ingredients and come up with nutritious meal plans. And their farm-to-table approach makes them a conscious choice.

2. Sun Basket

Sun Basket is another competitor that recently joined the space and they’re quickly gaining spaces at the dinner table due to their aggressive mission to only ship the best ingredients. Once you receive their box, it’s apparently how much attention to detail and efforts the folks at Sun Basket puts into selecting the finest ingredients. In addition, there’s plenty of options to choose from including vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, and more.

They claim all meals are nutritionist-approved and all of their packaging are 100% recyclable.

3. Plated

Another worthy contender for your tummy is Plated. Plated lets you choose from 20 recipes each week. Although Plated doesn’t offer the health options of Sun Basket, it does offer simple and delicious meals that should be recognizable by almost anyone. Though not quite up to the snuff of Sun Basket in terms of food quality, Plated does take your health into strong consideration and therefore they only choose chicken that are raised without the use of antibiotics. Beef, pork, and other meat products are also free of hormones.

4. Green Blender

GreenBlender is an interesting meal delivery service because they focus primarily on smoothies. They’re not branded as a meal-kit or meal-prep service, and given that each portion is between 100 – 300 calories, they don’t fully qualify as a meal. They make a great snack or pre/post workout drink, but definitely not as a meal on their own. Each box will come with all the ingredients you’ll need, minus the blender.

5. PeachDish

The only one on the list that lets you have a bite of authentic Southern dishes while still managing to be healthy and conscious. Vast majority of the ingredients are taken from local farms in the Southeast and most dishes are less than 700 calories, making them relatively healthy. Everything else is pretty standard. Instructions come in cards (just like everyone else) and are fairly easy to follow. Prep and cook time definitely varies between 15 mins to an 45 mins, but overall manageable.

There are certainly more options that didn’t make it on our list that you can also try out. The options here are only the ones we’ve tested and believed are a good economical choice for those who are too lazy to cook (like us). Let us know what you think and which meal kit you ended up giving a try in the comments section.

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