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Best Online Storage Solution You Need To Have

Online storage isn’t just for business or enterprise use anymore. Nowadays, almost everyone uses online storage of some capacity, whether it’s iCloud for your music, Evernotes for your news, or Flickr for photos, you’re using online cloud storage. Nowadays, there’s possibly too many options for cloud storage and choosing one that’s compatible with your needs can be daunting. We’ve done the homework for you and curated all the best online storage solutions for you to choose from.

Google Drive

The first one on the list isn’t likely to surprise anyone. Google Drive is the best choice if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, project manager, or organizer. It’s ability to easily sync with your desktop without taking up actual physical storage space is impressive. In addition, Google Drive comes with a plethora of feature and options not found on any other online storage. You can setup a free account with Google here.


Dropbox is another great option and perfect for personal use. At the time of writing, Dropbox does also come with it’s own unique features for enterprise/business use. Dropbox is fantastic for storing or archiving all your photos, videos, family albums, and private files. Dropbox’s ease of use and quick accessibility makes it a great choice and versatile enough for either personal or business use. You can try Dropbox for free and plans start at $12.50/month. Try Dropbox here.

PCloud Drive

The new kid on the block is PCloud Drive. Offering similar functionality as Dropbox in addition to being able to access files from your desktop without taking up phsyical HD space. PCloud Drive offers the highest possible level of security for your files. So if security and accessibility is important for you, definitely give PCloud Drive a shot.


Microsoft’s very own Cloud storage service also makes the list. Offering accessibility on every device, offline access to your files, and high level of security, OneDrive is one of the cheapest option on the list. Backed by Microsoft, they’re likely to remain updated and active for a while. Plans start at $1.99/month for 50GB of space, makes OneDrive an easy Cloud Storage option to try out.

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