Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentines day happens every year. And it can be a fantastic time to plan something romantic for your partner, especially if you’re both busy working professionals who don’t go out every Friday. But planning a date can be difficult and challenging. No worries, we’ve put together some ideas that can spark some fire. Don’t wait until last minute to plan these though, as some of them will require reservations and some level of finesse to get just right.

1. Go ice skating at a local frozen lake

This is only applicable if you actually have a frozen lake nearby. But even if you don’t, taking a 1-2 hour road trip can still be worth while. Ice skating in a crowded rink mixed with all sorts of people might not be romantic as you’re prone to bumping into other people. But skating on a frozen lake is a different story. If you’ve never done it, give it a try. Being outdoor, on a potentially dangerous (it isn’t) lake and having all that space to yourself is an experience you wont’ want to miss out on. For this to work, your partner will obviously need to know to skate just a tad bit. And there has to be A LOT of trust between you two, as you’re asking them to get onto a frozen lake with you. Before you jump in, make sure there are others on there, or there’s no clear sign saying it’s thin ice.


2. Thoughtful dinner and movie at home

Don’t be fool by the simplicity of this idea. It’s not sexy or exciting and won’t get your adrenaline pumping, but it definitely can be romantic and memorable if well thought out. Think of a theme for your dinner, and purposefully prepare it together. The anticipation, the work, and the cooking will be rewarding and a great bonding experience for you and your partner. Be sure to investigate what they like to eat before planning the dinner. Nothing is worse than being forced to cook and eat food you don’t like.

3. Spend the weekend in another city

Book a nice hotel or bed and breakfast in another city and start packing. Sometimes a change of scenery is what you really need. And being in a new place, dining out at a new restaurant, and being exposed to a new area can be exciting ad romantic. Being away also puts your mind at ease since you’re not constantly thinking about he dirty dishes, laundry, chores, and unfinished work you have to do. You can simply focus on one another and planning the next day. We recommend going away for an entire weekend to get the most out of this experience.

4. Plan a double date

Nothing quite like getting to know one another and getting to know your friends. Why not plan a double date together with a close friend? The intimate bonding between friendship and with your partner can be life changing as you begin to learn more about your partners and appreciate what you have in your relationship.

And as an added bonus, you might learn new ideas from another couple by spending a double date with them.

5. Go on a “first” date

Remember how it all happened? Take your significant other back to the first place where you met or had your first date. Relive the experience, the youth, and the excitement that you felt for that person the first time you felt chemistry. Share stories about what you thought of each other and what was on your mind at the time. You’ll be surprised how enjoyable this experience can be.

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