eBook Cover Design That Will Get You Hooked on Reading

 eBook Cover Design That Will Get You Hooked on Reading

Have you ever reached for a book from a shelf just because you liked its cover? Despite the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” sometimes, we just can’t help but do. And that’s exactly why you shouldn’t take your eBook cover design for granted.

According to a survey by Cover Maters, almost 8 out of 10 people said that a book cover is a decisive factor in purchasing a book. This goes to show that getting generic free ebook cover images won’t make the cut. 

Instead, you should make use of creative images that act as an effective teaser of what’s inside the pages. In the same vein, the cover must reflect the book’s literary style as well as the author’s unique branding.

Here are some of the bestselling eBook titles in various online platforms. Examine how each title’s cover aims to catch every bookworm’s interest.

The 1-Page Marketing Plan

The 1-Page Marketing Plan ranks 74th in Kindle bestsellers as of writing. The shocking yellow color grabs attention while the red and green accents make it look more dynamic.

I Wish You All the Best

I Wish You All the Best is in Kobo’s Trending Now list as of writing. The cover’s illustration and typeface work to make any YA genre fan hit add-to-art.

In Five Years

In Five Years is NOOK’s top 30 eBook as of writing. This is the type of image you won’t get from any eBook cover design software. The handwriting font, illustrations, and simple hues worked together very well.

When designing an eBook cover, graphic designers must integrate the right design concepts and principles to make it work.

Postcards From a Stranger

Postcards From a Stranger ranks 60 in Kindle bestsellers as of writing. Though some might think that this type of image can be made with an ebook cover mockup, it takes skills to come up with a collage that doesn’t overwhelm.

Dear Martin

Dear Martin is in Kobo’s Trending Now list. The dynamic image, coupled with a quirky typeface catches attention and sparks interest.

Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing is NOOK’s top 35 eBook as of writing. The hues of peach, blue-gray and black create a stunning image. Also, the block sans serif font works well with the background.

Momofuku: A Cookbook

Momofuku: A Cookbook ranks 33 in Kindle bestsellers as of writing. A cookbook that highlights bold Asian flavors, its simple eBook cover design looks minimalist but interesting nonetheless. 

Masked Prey

Masked Prey is in Kobo’s Trending Now list. Its acid color scheme will surely catch any reader’s attention.


Broken is NOOK’s top 41 eBook as of writing. The image of the sunset with the ball of fire peeking between two buildings creates a lot of mystery and intrigue. 


Untamed ranks 88 in Kindle bestsellers as of writing. There’s nothing tame about the cover’s exciting color palette! Obviously, the graphic designer had to downplay the text a bit so that the image won’t be overwhelming.


Timekeeper is in Kobo’s Trending Now list. The cover reminds us of the Great Gatsby’s elegance and flair. Likewise, the typeface makes the image even more intriguing.

The Starless Sea: A Novel

The Starless Sea: A Novel is NOOK’s top 70 eBook as of writing. The dark gray, white, and gold palette is simple but striking. Likewise, the illustration gives it a sophisticated touch.

Upstairs at the White House

Upstairs at the White House ranks 61 in Kindle bestsellers as of writing. The cover may be simple and minimalist, but the illustration aptly reflects what the tome is all about. 


Range is in Kobo’s Trending Now list. The seafoam background is refreshing while its plain, black sans serif typeface gives it a professional aesthetic.

Everything I Never Told You

Everything I Never Told You is NOOK’s top 97 eBook as of writing. The background, font, and layout look spontaneous and would make anyone want to read the book right away.

The Girl Beneath the Sea 

The Girl Beneath the Sea ranks second in Kindle bestsellers as of writing. The thriller’s cover features a dark blue hue that can be associated with scary lurkers in the deep.

The Japanese Mind

The Japanese Mind is in Kobo’s Trending Now list. This minimalist cover may be hard to create with a free eBook mockup generator. Though it seems simple, the colors, images, lines, and typography all had to work well to create this masterpiece.

Straight on Till Morning

Straight on Till Morning is NOOK’s top 99 eBook as of writing. The cover is reminiscent of a fairytale. But the elements of shadow, dark waters and Wendy’s silhouette tells the reader that the story is not your usual bees and butterflies.

What We Forgot to Bury 

What We Forgot to Bury ranks sixth in Kindle bestsellers as of writing. If you’re looking for ideas for 3D eBook cover design, then this image is a good example. The lower text seems to be buried in the dirt. 

The Infinite Game

The Infinite Game is in Kobo’s Trending Now list. The monochrome hues gave the cover a cohesive look. The red accent, however, gave it the pop of color it needed.

Master Your Emotions

Master Your Emotions ranks 38th in Kindle bestsellers as of writing. The cover of this book uses layout and composition so well that looking at it will already make you feel balanced and calm. 

Flip the Script

Flip the Script is in Kobo’s Trending Now list. The book is all about taking a new approach to present ideas and the over clearly reflects it.

The Secret Messenger

The Secret Messenger is NOOK’s top 9 eBook. The grayscale backdrop looks ancient. However, the brightness of the emphasized elements balances it out perfectly.

The Mamba Mentality

The Mamba Mentality is in Kobo’s Trending Now list. The cover image is no-nonsense and straight to the point.

Little White Lies

Little White Lies is NOOK’s top 36 eBook. The image uses a dynamic color palette that will make it stand out among other eBooks on the screen.

Final Thoughts

Remember, it’s not enough that your concept is original and that you wrote your ideas well. In fact, your audience won’t read even a word of your work if your eBook cover design isn’t done well.

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