How to Use LinkedIn Live for Your Business

 How to Use LinkedIn Live for Your Business

Linkedin Video is the most underrated tool in social media. There I said it. It’s officially out into the universe.
For years, Linkedin lacked innovation. Linkedin has came a long way since it’s initial release in 2002. It’s the BEST tool for networking professionals, but before the implementation of video, Linkedin is a place filled with spam, weird/random messages in your inbox, and random invites from strangers asking to be your connection.
Throughout the past thirty days, I challenged myself to post a video on Linkedin for thirty straight days. Here are my findings:

Create a Habit

There are times in life where I personally lack creativity. I am my biggest critic and when I feel that loss of creativity, I need to do something to fix it. We then went on a trip to Vietnam which unlocked a particular part of my brain. I vlogged the entire trip, I provided people with valuable content, I was engaging. I did that challenge for thirty days and then stopped. Which was fine in my eyes, because the blog ran it’s course. But then there was this thirty day challenge. This challenge in particular came natural to me because it was a quick video that lasted about 30-60 seconds.

Ask Questions

During my thirty day challenge I used video to text app called Cliptomatic. The app is five bucks in the App Store and holy cow was it awesome. Adding subtitles adds a layer of trust and quality to your videos. The app was able to identify my speech nicely and very rarely did I have to go in and fix it. All I had to do was annunciate my words and it transcribed it for me.
Using Cliptomatic allowed me to ask my Linkedin universe a question related to business. Throughout the first five-ten days, I did acquire the followers I had hoped for and rarely did someone interact with my content. I was confused because I everyone was talking about how engaging Linkedin Video was and here I was using it, but what I realized was that it’s not about the content itself. It’s making yourself relevant. Here are all of the questions that I asked throughout the course of my thirty days:

Questions Asked In Videos

  • Why Design is Important?
  • What’s your favorite subscription service and why?
  • What has been your biggest and best investment in your company or startup?
  • What are the biggest perks in growing your own business from the ground up?
  • “”is your favorite old school video game?
  • “” makes a business reliable?
  • ‘” are you doing during your morning commute?
  • Does the organization of your computer help you become more efficient in business?
  • What is the niche that your business is trying to target?
  • “” has been the biggest/greatest thing to happen to you, just for being nice?
  • Where do you go to look for design inspiration?
  • What does your business have that other businesses don’t?
  • “” are some extracurricular activities that you do on your weekend?
  • “” are your thoughts on communication through technology versus face to face interaction?
  • “” organizations are you associated with and how are you giving back this holiday season?
  • Using pop culture references in your marketing
  • If you could have more time, how would you spend it?
  • Do you hate shoveling snow?
  • What were your favorite trends in 2017?
  • If something were to happen to your business who is the first person that you would call?
  • What makes the culture at your workplace special?
  • Besides skills, what trait do you look for in a potential employee?
  • What is your favorite snack to eat at your desk?
  • Describe your best friend.
  • What would you do with $1M if you only had one week to spend it?
  • If you could un-invent something, what would it be?
  • Who are you most grateful for?
  • What is your favorite thing about your job?
  • How do you get updated on current events?

Making Yourself Relevant

This is the most critical piece that you need to pay attention to. In fact, everything before this paragraph was filler text for SEO BS. But this is the good stuff you need to pay attention to. Here is how I was about to get over 300 new connections and over 1,000 users to engage with my content…
I began tagging others when I asked questions.

It’s that simple, you have the tagging ability for a reason. And yes, there could be someone out there that is like, “Hey, that’s spamming.” Ok. Maybe, but it’s effective. And not once have I ever got a complaint for it. In fact, I received praise and was thanked by others for tagging them. I became a connector and resource for others. This simple tool was the key to unlocking Linkedin’s magic and I hope you do too.
If you decide to go on your own challenge, make sure you tag me. Would love to engage with your content in Linkedin as well.

Latest Update: LinkedIn Live

With the success of live video on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, LinkedIn has now launched its own live streaming service which they call “LinkedIn Live.” Released in early February of 2019, it gives people and businesses the ability to broadcast and share videos to all their connections, and the world in general. LinkedIn members can now stream videos of their product announcements, conferences, Q&As, tutorials, and many others in real time.
LinkedIn Live has increased its emphasis on video content due to the tool’s growing popularity as it has gained more engagement since they started supporting videos about 18 months ago. Microsoft’s Azure Media Services provide the encoding technology for seamless video streaming. Whether broadcasting to a large or small group, viewers can like the videos, leave comments, and ask questions to the hosts all in real time.
LinkedIn has now more than 600 million members so it’s only expected of them to take advantage of having this new feature added. Their wide reach makes it possible for small startups to have leverage with bigger companies. As an example, companies can use this feature to offer fee-based services as a platform for different types of revenue-generating content such as video-based earnings reports.

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