These Gorgeous Invitations Will Make You RSVP With A Yes

 These Gorgeous Invitations Will Make You RSVP With A Yes

Can you think back to a moment when you received an invitation that made you excited to attend an event? Chances are, the invitation design has a lot to do with it.

Needless to say, designing an invitation is just as crucial as preparing the event itself. A beautiful invite can make all the difference in making guests anticipate the event, be it for a personal or professional event.

Invitation Card Design Pointers

Sending an invite is more than just giving the guest crucial info about the event. Rather, it also teases what they can expect should they choose to go. Here are some design pointers to consider when creating or choosing a style for your invite:

  • The style should be in line with the nature of the event.
  • Colors, lines, and shapes must all work together. Likewise, avoid design elements that contradict one another.
  • Design the text carefully. For instance, the main text (the title of the event or the name of the celebrant/s) should be emphasized. The rest of the details, on the other hand, should take the backseat. 
  • Double-check the spelling and info on the invite; function shouldn’t have to suffer for the design. 

Invitation Card Design Examples

These beautiful invite samples will inspire you to create one that guests won’t be able to resist.

Birthday (Cartamodello)

This design is far from the generic free birthday party invitation templates you might find online. The card seems to reflect a party that’s sophisticated but fun and young at the same time.

Engagement Party (StylaPrintsAndDesign)

This invite is the epitome of class and elegance. The bold, script-type gold font is clearly the focus of the invite. In contrast, the rest of the text is subtle and simple, allowing the main text to enjoy the limelight.

Baptism (ShopPaperVine)

This design idea lets parents showcase their baby’s cute photos right on the baptism invite! The watercolor flora image aptly ties the color palettes of the photo and the main text.

Gala Night (claudiaowen)

If you’re looking for free online invitation templates for a formal event, aim for something that looks like this card. The dark blue and gold palette spells glamor without overwhelming the eyes. In the same vein, the plainness of the sans serif font for most of the texts emphasizes the event name.

Holiday Party (TeenyTinyTemplates)

If you’re looking for paperless invitations, then this Holiday party e-vite is a good example. The color palette is mostly beige, gray, and red, staying true to the theme. In the same vein, the cursive font makes it look fun and festive.

Wedding (Norma & Dorothy)

Wedding invitation templates available online are a dime a dozen. Some don’t only offer vectors for wedding invitation cards but for free online invitations with RSVP as well. However, if you’re looking for a simple invite, going for something like this image would give you the clean, minimalist look you need.

Food Fest (lilynthesweetpea)

If you’re scouting for restaurant marketing ideas, a food fest is always a good way to gain new patrons. This food festival invite looks fun, young, and adventurous. The margin made from cartoonish food images is very apt for the theme. The cohesive color palette and the font style also contribute to its overall appeal.

Music Festival (AmberGraphicsStore)

Whether you need free digital invitations and free printable invitations, always make it a point to go for a cohesive look. This invite, for instance, uses sharp geometric and a blue-violet color palette, resulting in a dynamic aesthetic. 

Movie Night (PartyPrintables2go)

This invite for a movie night is a great example of how you can apply the theme of the party to the design itself. The achieved the look of a vintage movie ticket thanks to the straight lines, simple font, and ridged edges.

Reunion (Tidy Lady Printables)

If you often browse Pinterest invitations templates, you’d know that the look of this reunion invite is pretty much trendy these days. The dark wood background of the image looks classy. At the same time, the light-colored text and the white fairy lights instantly pop up. The result is a rustic image that perfectly teases a night of reminiscing.  

Graduation Party (Tidy Lady Printables)

This black, white, and gold invitation makes for a glamorous look. The typeface, however, makes the card appear young and hip.

Fashion Show (Gucci)

This Gucci fashion show invite is surely not like any other event invitation templates you’ve seen! The invite features a series of cards stacked together to form a 3D image. The result is a cardboard masterpiece you’d want to keep long after the event.

Surprise Party (Bliss Paper Boutique)

Planning a surprise party can be challenging, and the last thing you’d want is a guest spilling the goods to the celebrant. So, to make sure this faux pas doesn’t happen, opt to center the invite design around the theme. This image is a great example that shows how to make people remember that the party is a surprise.

Retirement Party (Digibuddha)

Advertising art teaches us that you don’t have to use too many hues to come up with powerful creative images. For example, this party invite uses two colors – black and gold. Despite the limited palette, the font style and layout were well-designed, resulting in an elegant card. 

Game Night (SeizeTheDayPaperCo)

This invitation is a great example of how the right images and typography can perfectly come together. First, the letter tiles instantly make the viewer think of Scrabble. The handwriting font style, on the other hand, lends a soft element to the card.  

So there you have it – invitation card options for almost any occasion! Instead of settling for free online invitation templates, take the time to brainstorm for a design that would best represent your event.

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